How to Prevent Restaurant Plumbing Emergencies

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Restaurant Plumbing Emergencies

Here at Griffin Plumbing, not only do we specialize in residential emergencies, but we also are here to save the day when it comes to commercial plumbing nightmares. Throughout the years, our emergency plumbers have acted fast in many commercial disasters that could have easily been avoided with a little bit of maintenance over the years. That’s why today our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers are empowering restaurant and business owners alike to take pride in their pipes, and not let pesky leaks turn into plumbing disasters.

If you own or manage a restaurant or cafe, you know how important water is to your business. From food prep, to cleaning, to drinking and bathroom use, pipes play a key role in your restaurant running smoothly. One leak or clog gone wrong can close a business for days—or even weeks. That means major financial loss on top of costly repairs. Our San Luis Obispo plumbers are laying down a few tips when it comes to keeping commercial plumbing problems away.

Grease & Food Traps

If your restaurant doesn’t already use grease and food traps on every single drain, then we suggest you install them today. It is tempting to put them in drains that don’t usually get used for dish and equipment cleaning, but realistically food and grease are issues in all parts of the kitchen and restaurant. It is better to take this extra step than deal with major clog repairs later on. It is also important to regularly clean these traps and drains. An easy way is to apply store bought drain cleaner to your pipes, or even pour boiling water down them at the end of each day to keep debris from building up over time.

Aging Water Heater

If your water heater goes out in the middle of a busy lunch shift, that means big problems for your staff and kitchen. If you have an aging water heater, or begin to notice that it fluctuates temperatures rapidly, then you may be seeing warning signs of it going out of commission. Take the time to call your San Luis Obispo plumber for a visit and checkup. An hour or two of your time could save you a disaster in the future.

Corroding Pipes

If you notice your tap water is rust colored, or there is a funky smell or taste to it, then you have a surefire sign of corroding pipes on your hands. Corrosion makes pipes weak over time, which leads to leaks and major breaks. A leaking pipe is the last thing you want at your restaurant; it calls for expensive and timely repairs. If you notice any of these redflags, give your commercial plumber a call as soon as possible to inspect and repair it before it gets out of hand.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

If you are like other business owners and are constantly dealing with an overbooked schedule, scheduling regular plumbing maintenance is a small luxury that can save you in the long run. Our trusted plumbing pros do thorough inspections, and will ensure that no problem goes undetected only to sneak up on you later in a disaster. Save yourself the price tag of an emergency plumber, and look into our commercial maintenance plans today. Remember that at Griffin, it’s the right fix the first time, every time. Schedule a visit today online or give us a call at (805) 934-1949.