4 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

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It’s the time of year for giving thanks, feasting on tasty food, and gathering with loved ones. But Thanksgiving can also be a test on our toilets – and the rest of your home’s plumbing – if you don’t prepare properly. So, our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers have come up with four Thanksgiving plumbing tips to make sure the holiday ends with satisfied stomachs and napping around the fire rather than a clogged sink or overflowing toilet.

1. Practice proper garbage disposal etiquette

Thanksgiving is all about the food, and that means putting your kitchen sink through a workout. What goes down that disposal can mean the difference between a flawless dinner and a disaster. Potatoe peels, turkey bones, greasy pans… these can all spell doom for a disposal. Your kitchen sink garbage disposal is meant to break up little food bits that make their way to the drain – not a receptacle for random refuse.

You can read all about how to treat your disposal here, but here’s a short list of things that should never be shoved down the kitchen sink:

  • Fats, oils, and grease
  • Stringy, fibrous foods
  • Poultry skins
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit and potato peels
  • Corn husks
  • Bones
  • Eggshells
2. Prevent toilet troubles

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is the Olympics for your commode. You’ve got guests, sometimes staying – or overstaying – for multiple days, all the while feasting on all the fixings. Needless to say, there’s potential for some serious clogging.

Get your toilets – especially the one most of the guests will be using – ready by doing the following:

  • Check the toilet flapper. It can wear out over time and cause the toilet to run continually.
  • Set parameters. Make sure everyone knows that toilet paper is the only other extraneous item that should be flushed. “Flushable” wipes aren’t exactly flushable and shouldn’t be tossed in the toilet.
3. Inspect your drains

In addition to clogged toilets, increased usage from overnight guests could lead to clogged shower and sink drains. Drain cleaning is one way to ensure your plumbing is clear for guests, as well as using a strainer to trap hair and other particles, helping to prevent potential clogs. Be sure to use safe drain-cleaning methods, and steer clear of harsh chemicals; you can read more about that right here.

4. When in doubt, call the plumbing pros

Before the Thanksgiving guests arrive, give your home’s plumbing a once-over. Griffin plumbing can help get your home ready for the holidays with inspections, drain cleaning, and toilet repairs. It might just save you some unwanted trouble this Thanksgiving. And remember, if an unexpected plumbing problem comes up, our San Luis Obispo plumbers are always a call or click away!