Kitchen Updates for Fall

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Fall brings out the interior designer in all of us, it seems. From pumpkins to earth tones, it’s a great time of year to cozy up your house for the season – even though here in California the chilly weather is probably some time off. But don’t let that spoil the festivities, especially when it comes to “fallifying” your kitchen, so our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers have come up with a list of fall kitchen updates to get ready for autumn.

Simple Décor Ideas

Fill a bowl with seasonal fruit. Grab some pears, apples and pomegranates, and you’ve got a simple and easy – not to mention tasty – fall décor piece.

Add fall fragrance to the kitchen with a seasonal candle. To the side, fill a white vase with branches of fall foliage.

Continue with the fall foliage theme with a fall wreath or garland – over the stove or a bare wall dying for a little pop of color.

Of course, changing out your kitchen linens is a great way to signal the change in season. But along with fall-themed towels and napkins, consider rugs and runners, as well.

A few fall-themed art pieces are another way to brighten the kitchen. Think prints or photos depicting scenes of the harvest or landscapes featuring fall colors. Consider layering your design, too, adding a fall garland or a string of lights in front of wall art.

Add Utility to the Season

It doesn’t get much cozier or fall-esque than a hot cup of tea or coffee on a chilly morning (again, we’ll use that term metaphorically at the moment). To fully embrace that, consider carving out a small corner in your kitchen for a coffee/tea station. Of course, include whatever device is your preference for making said coffee or tea, complete with various different flavorings and accouterments. This is especially useful for hosting guests.

Adding warm wood accents to your kitchen is another way to facilitate that fall feeling – and be handy, as well. It can be something as simple as a wooden cutting board laid out on a countertop to adding open wood shelving for something a little more project-orientated.

Cooking is a big part of the fall season. So, why not embrace it by bringing into view some of your tools of the trade? Set out wooden spoons and rolling pins, along with recipe books in a cooking-themed arrangement.

Pumpkins – the Star of Fall

Ramp up your pumpkin game – literally – by using a decorative ladder or tiered pedestal to create an elevated pumpkin display.

Pumpkins and various squash and gourds also can create a perfect fall centerpiece.

They don’t always have to be of the edible variety, either. Add some sparkle to the season with glass or decorated faux pumpkins.

Whatever you decide for your fall kitchen updates, our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers are here to make sure your plumbing is running smoothly so you can concentrate on decor. We’re always a call or click away.