SLO Plumbing: Prevent Bathroom Mold

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Griffin’s San Luis Obispo plumbers are sharing preventative mold tips in today’s blog. Where there’s moisture and heat, mold is sure to pop up. That makes bathrooms the ideal place for mold to thrive. Unfortunately, simply showering can cause enough moisture to create a cozy environment for mold to grow. Not to fear, you can keep your bathroom mold-free with the handy preventative plumbing tips below:

  • First, make sure you have proper ventilation. After every shower or bath, open a bathroom window or run the fan for 30 minutes. Reducing excess moisture is a sure way to eliminate mold in bathrooms.
  • Eliminate damp hiding places for mold like wallpaper, fabric curtains, and even bathroom rugs.
  • Mold thrives in damp places. Eliminate them by washing bathroom rugs and towels as often as possible.
  • Use your air conditioner or dehumidifier to keep your household relative humidity levels below 50 percent.
  • Call Griffin’s friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers to fix any leaking toilets, sinks or pipes, which can cause excess moisture.
  • Make sure your moisture problem isn’t coming from a leaky roof or overflowing gutters.
  • Want to avoid a common mistake? Store shampoo bottles, body wash, and loofahs outside the shower and bring them in with you when you’re ready to use them. Why? These items are magnets for mold! This goes for children’s bath toys as well.
  • If you don’t have shower doors, be sure to install a mold and mildew resistant shower curtain.
  • Discourage mold by keeping your bathroom light and airy. Open bathroom shades, leave the lights on, or even consider investing in a skylight.
  • Commit to cleaning your bathroom regularly. Spray showers and tubs with a commercial shower spray that contains bleach or another mold/mildew fighting ingredient. If you have marble, make sure to read the label to ensure it’s safe for use.

We hope our San Luis Obispo plumbing tips help to keep your bathroom free and clear of mold. Know that our friendly team is available day or night to solve even the toughest San Luis Obispo plumbing problems. Did you know a 2-year warranty comes standard with all our repairs as well? Call (805) 934-1949 to learn more today!