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As we face another abnormally dry winter, your favorite San Luis Obispo plumbers are here with some info about water-conserving plumbing fixtures. California civil code has required low-flow fixtures for over 25 years. During that time, the codes have changed further, and the performance of fixtures has improved. If your home hasn’t had its fixtures upgraded, or your improvements were done years ago, you’ll be happy to know that water-saving plumbing fixtures have come a long way! You now have a wide variety of stylish, effective, and efficient options to choose from.

Feeling Flush With Savings

There used to be lots of complaints about low-flow toilets. Manufacturers have worked hard to design new units that overcome past challenges, save lots of water, and keep more money in your bank account. Because all California toilets need to meet conservation standards, you’ll find a wide variety of attractive styles. New gravity-flow toilets use a modified trap design to create a siphoning effect that allows the content of the bowl to drain without as much water pressure as previous models. Dual-flush toilets offer two water-usage settings to choose from, depending on what you’re sending on its way. Pressure assist models, which are used in many commercial applications, are also available for residential use. This type of toilet is louder to operate, so it’s not always the best choice near or above sleeping areas, but many appreciate the “jet-flush” action pressure assist toilets provide. One great thing about the number of toilet options now available is that there’s sure to be one in your price range or style.

The Dirt on Getting Clean

Who doesn’t love a good, refreshing shower? The early days of water-saving showerheads were a bit disappointing. Going from a strong, invigorating stream to a misty spray wasn’t easy for most people. Thank goodness, it’s easier than ever to get a nice, satisfying shower from today’s low-flow showerheads. Whether it’s an aerating fixture that adds air to the water to create more pressure or a laminar system that separates the water into larger individual streams, there’s an adjustable showerhead with settings that are sure to make your next shower as invigorating or relaxing as you choose.

Aerating and laminar technology is also used in sink faucets. If you’re not ready to choose an attractive new faucet for your sink, you might be able to retrofit an existing faucet using an add-on aerator.

If you’re spending too much on water, or not getting a clear rinse, satisfying flush or so-clean-you-wanna-sing-about-it shower experience, give your favorite plumbers a call at (805) 934-1949. It may be time to replace aging or inefficient plumbing fixtures. California’s probably not going to get any wetter, but your low-flow options have gotten a whole lot better.