Water Saving Tips for Summer

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It’s summertime – in case you haven’t checked your thermometer – and everything around California is drying up. In fact, we’re in a pretty bad drought after very little rain this winter and spring. Meaning, these water-saving plumbing tips from your friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers are particularly important to implement to conserve this valuable resource.

1. Re-think Your Yard

Keeping a grass lawn green can cost you a lot of water in the summertime. Many Californians have been forgoing grass lawns for years now, and saving water is just one of the reasons. A yard with drought-tolerant, native plants is better for the environment, less maintenance, cuts on emissions from not having to use a gas mower, and – of course – saves water.

Not to mention, the aesthetics of a carefully landscaped yard can be so much more inviting than a plain old yard.

If you must have grass, stick to a watering schedule of early morning or at night to prevent evaporation. For the plants that need watering, layer plenty of mulch around them to retain moisture.

2. Invest in Low-flow, Energy-efficient Appliances

This one is a no-brainer that saves water year-round. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads are a great way to conserve water even without putting a time limit on use.

Add in energy-efficient appliances like a dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater, and your house will be a water-saving machine.

3. Don’t Wash Your Car or Take it to the Carwash

If you’re one of those people who have to keep their car spotless, this might be a tough one. But forgoing the weekly wash can save a ton of water. If you must wash your ride, think about the local carwash rather than a hose and bucket in your driveway; today’s car washes are designed to be more efficient.

4. Cover Your Pool

We love our pools in California, but when you’re not using it, make sure it’s covered to prevent evaporation and require less filling. There are multiple other reasons to keep your pool covered, too, from keeping in the heat and the debris out.

5. Fix Your Leaks

A drippy faucet can waste more water than you think. A faucet that drips at a rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year, according to the EPA, which equates to more than 180 showers! That’s a lot of water wasted; plus, think of the savings on your bill.

6. Make Water-Saving Decisions

Even if you have low-flow everything, a cactus garden for your front yard, and a filthy car (no judgment), other everyday decisions can go a long way toward conserving water.

Take shorter showers, wash your produce in a bowl and use the water for plants, don’t let the tap run while shaving or brushing your teeth, and only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they’re full are just a few things to keep in mind this summer.

For more water-saving tips or to help upgrade your plumbing to conserve year-round, our professional San Luis Obispo plumbers are a call or click away. Contact us online or simply by calling (805) 934-1949.