Protecting Your Plumbing While on Vacation

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Preparing Plumbing For Vacation

Summer is just around the corner, which means vacation time! Before you pack your bags and head out the door, be sure to take time to prep your home. Our Griffin plumbers in San Luis Obispo are here today to give you five things to add to your to-do list before you leave your house this season.

Change water and AC settings

One of the best ways to save on your bills and energy use while you’re away is to adjust temperature settings throughout your home. Turning off your AC before you go, and lowering your water temperature on your water heater is an easy, and sustainable way to save a few bucks.

Clean your drains

After a long day of travel, no one like coming home to a stench. Before you head out the door, give your garbage disposal and other sinks a good cleaning to avoid built up debris from fermenting in your kitchen.

Turn off the water valve

Home disasters are an inconvenience at anytime, but the worst time to have one is while you’re vacation. The number one way to save yourself from a plumbing emergency while you’re away from your space it to turn off the water valve. A leaking water pipe can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, and it is a simple thing to avoid with a little maintenance.

Faucet checks

Similar to turning off your water valve, checking your faucets is a good way to avoid a potential disaster while you’re gone. If you have had a dripping faucet for a while, give one of our friendly plumbers a call. We’d be happy to troubleshoot the issue, which will cut down your water bill in the long run.

Install light timers & motion detectors

Although these require a bit of effort, installing light timers and motion detectors are a useful way to deter potential burglars from your home while you’re there, or on vacation. Having a few lights on in your home at night makes it seem as though someone is there, and lessens the likelihood of theft. Motion activated lights outside your home also cause the same effect, and can deter crime and give you peace of mind.

Know that no matter where you go, our Griffin plumbers in San Luis Obispo are here to help you avoid plumbing disasters, and save the day in the case of one. We are dedicated to protecting your home, and helping you save in costly repairs. Contact us today to schedule a visit at (805) 934-1949