San Luis Obispo Plumbers: Water Heater Hocus Pocus

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Water Heater Hocus Pocus

The best plumbers in San Luis Obispo are here to share how you can prevent the spine-tingling terror of an unexpectedly freezing cold shower by knowing a thing or two about your water heater.

Determine where your water heater is located

It can be helpful to know where your home’s water heater is; especially in the event you (or Griffin’s friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers!) need to access it to solve a hot water issue. Water heaters are sometimes hidden away into a garage or attic space.

Identify what type of water heater you have

There are many different types of water heaters. Determine whether your home water heater is natural gas, electric or propane. It’s also useful to know whether you own a traditional or tankless variety. To make the most of a water heater warranty, jot down the model number and serial number in a safe space. The trusted plumbers at Griffin might just ask you for this information if you give us a call with a challenging water heater situation.

Be sure the area around your water heater is clean and clear

Keeping items to close to your water heater might be a fire hazard. Avoid the risk and don’t store anything near your unit.

Understand how to turn off the water

It’s important to know exactly how to turn off the water at home, before you’re dealing with a stressful plumbing problem! This goes for the fuel or power supply to your water heater as well. Why? Well, in the event of an emergency, you’ll want to know how to shut-off the main gas valve, or which breaker is used for your water heater. Don’t know where to start? Griffin’s experienced San Luis Obispo plumbers will walk you through the process in-person every step of the way, so you’ll feel prepared if disaster strikes. Know that our team is only a phone call away in the event of a true emergency.

Here at Griffin Plumbing, our San Luis Obispo water heater pros want to help you avoid water heater woes! Calendar an annual water heater inspection with us by calling (805) 934-1949.

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