Prevent Plumbing Problems While Everyone Is Home for the Summer

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Last year, we gave you some tips about kid-proofing your plumbing. This year, our San Luis Obispo plumbers are kicking it up a notch with some additional tips to help you prevent plumbing problems while everyone’s home for the summer.

Yes, we still recommend safety latches and locks, anti-scald devices, drain covers, and seasonal inspections. Here are some more things to consider.

Keep Dirt Out, Don’t Wash it Out

The best way to keep mud, sand, leaves and debris out of your drains is to keep it all out of your home. Consider a rinse-off station outside for a preliminary rinse of dirty feet and hands, muddy dogs, wetsuits and bathing suits. A hose-end sprayer with multiple spray pattern options is nice. Some people set up solar showers, or even permanently installed outdoor showers, to get comfortably clean in the fresh air. A laundry line comes in handy for hanging things that need a quick hose-off after a day at the beach.

Reduce the Reach

Many of us have seen kids struggling to scale a cupboard and do a belly slide to reach the faucet. This can be dangerous for little people, and cupboards and faucets as well. A step stool can prevent falls, scuffs on cabinet doors, and the excess strain on knobs and faucets that can occur when children grab hold and use them to pull themselves forward on the sink. There are many cute and stylish step stool options available. Some even fold flat to slip between, inside, beside or under cabinets.

Save Water and Reduce Clogs with a Quick Scrape

You don’t need to rinse every dish before it goes into the sink or dishwasher. In fact, one of the great things about a dishwasher is that it saves water over hand-washing. You don’t need to undo the savings by pre-washing if you keep a silicone scraper or spatula nearby. Silicone scrapers will get most dishes debris-free if you use them right away to scrape chunks and particles into the garbage disposal, compost bucket, or trash bin. Give this “dish squeegee” idea a try.

Teach the Dos Along with the Don’ts

Making sure family members know what can damage plumbing is important. Explanations help things make sense as we’re explaining what shouldn’t be done. Sometimes, we also need to talk about things that should be done. Removing hair and debris from the drain cover after each shower, always putting facial tissues, cotton swabs, paper towels and wipes into a trash can are all important. Telling an adult if something other than toilet tissue or body waste makes it into the toilet, instead of flushing, is one very important “do” to add to the list.

Laundry is for Life, So Start Young

Unless society undergoes a rapid and unexpected change, we’re all going to be wearing clothes for the rest of our lives. It’s never too early to start good laundry habits. Some, like unbunching sweaty socks before they go in the hamper, reduce the gross-out factor at the washing machine. Others reduce damage. Zipping all zippers can reduce snagging and wear on other clothes. A habit of checking and emptying every pocket can keep small items, wrappers and things that clog or melt (hello gum and lip balm) from damaging your plumbing or leaving a mess in your washer or dryer. Some savvy moms start “pre-laundry” training young to help kids develop good habits early.

Whether your life could be made easier by something like an outdoor shower or a new garbage disposal, or you need a quick rescue after a mishap our San Luis Obispo plumbers are here to help. Contact us online or by phone at (805) 934-1949. We’ll send a friendly, skilled plumbing technician to help you keep your summer on track and your plumbing online. Wondering about our current safety protocols? Read our coronavirus update for more info.