Winter Plumbing Tips

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With the sun shining and temperatures in the 70s well into December, it’s not exactly the Great White North here on California’s Central Coast. But that doesn’t mean cold temperatures and inclement weather isn’t on its way eventually, which means you should think about ways your plumbing might be affected. Here are some tips from our San Luis Obispo plumbers to get your pipes ready for the winter months ahead.

Clean Gutters and Storm Drains

Yes, it does rain in San Luis Obispo, and at times it can be pretty darn heavy. Gutters and storm drains that haven’t been utilized all summer and fall can get clogged without you even realizing it. Prevent any potential flooding and associated damage by cleaning out all the debris from your gutters and storm drains. Also, if you have a basement, make sure your sump pump is in good working condition by pouring water into the crock to ensure it activates. And make sure its drain is free of any blockages, as well.

Water Heater Maintenance

Can you think of anything worse than not having hot water on a cold winter night? Ice-cold showers aren’t exactly pleasant any time of year, but that prospect would be especially unwelcome during the winter. Water heaters, both tankless and tank storage, require yearly maintenance, which entails draining, flushing, and inspecting the heating mechanisms. Check out our water heater maintenance tips for more suggestions on how to keep yours in working order.

Pipe Insulation

Temperatures can drop below freezing around San Luis Obispo, especially in the surrounding hills, and that can mean burst water pipes. Water expands when it’s frozen; it’s just the way it is. So make sure you’re prepared by insulating outdoor pipes and indoor plumbing in basements and close to exterior walls. Also, disconnect garden hoses, drain them of any existing water and cover outdoor faucets.

Inspect Pipes and Drains

It’s important to regularly inspect the plumbing throughout your house, and winter is as good as time as any to do that. Run hot water in all your sinks, tubs and showers to ensure drains are free of clogs. Also, inspect the pipes in the interior of your house for leaks and corrosion so they can be replaced right away so the problem doesn’t become costly. A minor leak can quickly become something major – and expensive.

Winter is the best time to inspect the plumbing in your home to prevent bigger and more costly problems down the road if routine maintenance is ignored. As always, for help with maintenance, repairs or bigger problems, our San Luis Obispo plumbing pros are a call or click away.